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Turf Tips: Lawn Maintenance

The following tips are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the everyday maintenance of a lawn. We hope that by following these few tips as closely as possible, you will allow your lawn to achieve its highest potential, combined with the services that we provide. 

Watering Tips

Is is important to note that the best time of the day to water is between the hours of 5 am - 10 am, watering in the evening tends to leave the turf moist for a prolonged period of time which can induce fungal activity and eventually lead to diseased turf. However, if this timetable does not fit into your demanding schedule, then you should water when possible watering each area of your lawn for a period of 25 - 30 minutes each, every 2 - 3 days is usually a safe interval depending upon rainfall amounts and the climate.  As the climate cools in late September, watering can often be reduced to as little as once per week.

Mowing Tips

A rule of thumb is to keep the lawn at a height of about 2 ½ inches and mow frequently enough so that you do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one mowing. During the Summer you may even maintain the lawn at 3 inches to allow the leaf blade to retain more moisture and properly defend itself from heat / drought stress.

Be sure to mow with a sharp mower blade, the cut should be clean with no shredding or tearing of the grass blade. If the lawn grows extremely long, perhaps due to your absence, do not cut it back all at once, this will lead to shock and can severely weaken, or even kill the lawn. Cut it back in 2 or 3 separate mowings, approximately 3 to 4 days apart from one another.

Turf Bulletin


FALL 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your patronage with Lawn-Pro Lawncare Service, Inc. Please let me remind you that lawncare is a cooperative service. As much as our professional advice and care are important towards the needs of your lawn, it is equally important to us that an open line of communication exists with all of our customers so that we will be informed of any concerns that you may have at any time during or between scheduled lawncare applications. Lawn-Pro Lawncare Service, Inc. is privately owned and operated. We want to work with you as well as for you, as demonstrated by our rapid response to all of your needs, a quality that is vital to our program and unmatched throughout the industry.

We look forward to serving you again next season and we will contact you via mail during the month of February with your 2019 Service Summary Checklist outlining your discounted pricing along with information on all services being offered.

As Lawn-Pro continues to enjoy steady growth in your community, we want you to know that you have chosen one of the industries leading service oriented lawncare companies. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service, with rapid response and FREE service calls, as you may have experienced this past season. We will continue to provide you with an affordable granular, organic based lawncare program that guarantees professional results with an environmentally conscious approach to each application, so that we may furnish you with a healthier and safer lawn to enjoy and admire.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-529-6776, we are always here to serve you. Remember, Lawn-Pro is a continuous lawncare service, therefore, for your convenience; we will automatically schedule your spring 2019 application for you.


            May you and yours enjoy a very healthy and pleasant holiday season.

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