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Turf Tips: Lawn Maintenance

The following tips are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the everyday maintenance of a lawn. We hope that by following these few tips as closely as possible, you will allow your lawn to achieve its highest potential, combined with the services that we provide. 

Watering Tips

Is is important to note that the best time of the day to water is between the hours of 5 am - 10 am, watering in the evening tends to leave the turf moist for a prolonged period of time which can induce fungal activity and eventually lead to diseased turf. However, if this timetable does not fit into your demanding schedule, then you should water when possible watering each area of your lawn for a period of 25 - 30 minutes each, every 2 - 3 days is usually a safe interval depending upon rainfall amounts and the climate.  As the climate cools in late September, watering can often be reduced to as little as once per week.

Mowing Tips

A rule of thumb is to keep the lawn at a height of about 2 ½ inches and mow frequently enough so that you do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one mowing. During the Summer you may even maintain the lawn at 3 inches to allow the leaf blade to retain more moisture and properly defend itself from heat / drought stress.

Be sure to mow with a sharp mower blade, the cut should be clean with no shredding or tearing of the grass blade. If the lawn grows extremely long, perhaps due to your absence, do not cut it back all at once, this will lead to shock and can severely weaken, or even kill the lawn. Cut it back in 2 or 3 separate mowings, approximately 3 to 4 days apart from one another.

Turf Bulletin - Fall 2019



As we progress into the fall season we can expect to see some of the harsh results of summer browning and weed activity begin to fade, as many lawns pick up from where they left off in the spring. In most cases, once the fall fertilization is applied, lawns will respond with a more vibrant color and composition, and far less weed activity.

This summer we were greeted with extensive periods of hot, humid weather. Due to the heat and constant humidity, weeds and crabgrass were allowed to prosper under their ideal conditions making for a very busy summer season of battling back weed activity and preparing your lawn for a much healthier fall season ahead.

Most important to note is that the lawn recovery time is just upon us, temperatures should begin to moderate in the evening. And with added rainfall the lawns will begin their recovery process. Your lawn has been treated properly all season long, in a manner to reduce major weed infestations, thus also minimizing the amount of control products being used on your lawn. This should pave the way for a healthy, weed free lawn throughout the fall season. If persistent weeds become a problem, simply call our Service Department at 1-800- LAWN-PRO, and we will be happy to schedule a FREE service visit to re-treat any tough weed areas.


            Along with your regularly scheduled fall and winterizer fertilization, we are also applying your Lime Application. These are the best times of the year to lime your lawn. Lime will encourage effective turf growth and recovery by allowing your lawn to better respond to the fall fertilization applications.

            Please keep in mind that lime is applied as tiny gray and brown pellets (as pictured), and may not always be easily visible in your lawn. A good way to check your application is to examine edges of walkways or driveways where some stray pellets may have avoided our clean-up process of the blowing off of these areas.



Lawn-Pro offers FREE SERVICE CALLS all season long. Our success is largely due to our concern and honesty to our clients. We treat your lawn with the care and attention that we know you want and expect. Our Service Department is designed to respond to your needs in an expeditious manner to alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding your lawn at anytime between scheduled applications.


The second of three annual Flea and Tick Control Applications has already been applied. However flea and ticks will continue to deposit eggs throughout the fall season. The third and final application is scheduled to begin this fall which allows for extended control through the winter months. The cold weather does not deter flea and tick reproduction. The third application will ensure a full cycle of control all season long that will carry you through the early portions of the following spring season until your first Flea and Tick Control Application of the new year.
If you have not ordered a Flea and Tick Control Application in the past, it is never too late to start. Simply call our office for a free price quote and scheduling of the service.


Core Aeration and Overseeding is also scheduled to begin soon, if you are interested in having this process performed on your lawn, contact our office for a price quote and scheduling, our schedule is filling up quickly.
Core Aeration and Overseeding is a mechanical process that extracts small cores from the topsoil approximately a half-inch in diameter and 1-3 inches in depth. Core Aeration alone will enhance turf growth, increase irrigation to the root zone and control and minimize disease activity. The cores left behind will dry and slowly disappear after several mowings.
With the overseeding added, this will enable thin areas or areas that may have experienced some summer stress, to totally fill in with newly seeded areas of turf.