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IPM is a system designed to incorporate cultural and biological techniques into our lawncare program to enhance the general health of the lawn, while minimizing and possibly eliminating the use of pesticides.

Some methods that are routinely practiced at Lawn~Pro are monitoring programs which allow our technicians to schedule special check-ups on lawns that appear to be most at risk of a possible disease or insect problem. If a problem is detected, typically the problem will be diagnosed to determine the best suited control method needed. Such control methods that may be considered are biological controls, cultural practices and / or a judicious spot application of a prescribed pesticide.

Customers are always informed if an adverse condition exists on their lawn. Our professionally trained technicians will consult with the customer to determine which control method would be best suited for that particular situation. We recommend that if you ever have a concern regarding the appearance of your lawn, please do not hesitate to call our office for a FREE SERVICE VISIT.

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