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Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions

Note the approximate time of season for each application





Spring Application (March - June)
Organic Based Fertilizer
Broadleaf Weed Control
Crabgrass Control
Summer Application (June - August)
Organic Based Fertilizer
Surface Insect Control
Broadleaf Weed Control
Late Summer Application (August - September)
Slow Release Organic Based Fertilizer
Weed and Insect Control (AS REQUIRED)
Fall Application (September - October)
Organic Based Fertilizer
Weed and Insect Control (AS REQUIRED)
Winterizer Application (October - December)
Heavy Application of Organic Based Fertilizer
Grub Prevention (June - August)
Pelletized Lime (Late Summer - Fall)
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*Premium Program: recommended maintenance program for sod lawns, irrigated lawns or lawns in excess of 3000 sq. ft

GRUB PREVENTION: Is a preventative application that is 100% guaranteed effective for the entire season. It is applied with the Summer Application, thus preventing grub damage throughout their active cycle, which is the Fall and following Spring.

PELLETIZED LIME: Lime helps maintain a proper soil ph level. In simple terms, lime neutralizes the soil to allow for better turf growth and improved response from fertilization applications. Lime also contributes to natural thatch breakdown and decreases the incidence of some turf diseases and weeds. Lime treatments are normally applied during the Late Summer and Fall season.

DISEASE CONTROL: Disease Control is only offered when disease activity has been detected in your lawn, and only when all other IPM alternatives have been examined in an effort to control the problem. Disease control products are fungicides designed to neutralize the fungal activity in your lawn which is causing the turf disease.

PESTICIDE FREE PROGRAMS: Pesticide Free Programs are offered as an alternative to pesticide use applications. However, it is important to note that that when pesticide use is limited on your lawn, there is also limited protection on your lawn against weed and insect activity (Weed and Insect control products are pesticides.) Therefore, you are at a higher risk of these types of infestations in your lawn. Pesticide Free Programs are offered at the same cost as our Premium and Standard Service Programs due to the fact that at any time during the season we will apply a weed control or surface insect control, if needed and only upon your direct request at no additional charge. (Keep in mind that when choosing either the Premium or Standard Service Programs, weed and surface insect control products may be applied in a judicious spot application as prescribed, thus affording you the protection that your lawn demands with a minimal use of pesticides.)

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