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Lawn Renovation Services

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CORE AERATION: This process involves the mechanical removal of small cores of soil in your lawn to allow air circulation and increase moisture and fertilizer access to the turf root zone. Aeration also reduces soil compaction and disease activity to help create healthier roots and a thicker, lush lawn.

CORE AERATION / SEEDING: This process is obviously a combination of both core aeration and seeding. During this process the entire lawn is core aerated, and then a generous amount of seed is applied to infiltrate the aerated soil and produce healthy growth in otherwise thin areas of the lawn. This process allows your lawn to regain a healthy appearance by thickening and balancing thin spots throughout. Often times it is recommended to have this service performed once every 2-4 seasons depending on the level of stress that your lawn encounters seasonally.

SLICE SEEDING: Slice seeding is a mechanical seeding process which involves the slicing and dethatching of a damaged lawn area and the application of seed into the layer of cultivated topsoil. This process eliminates the need for total renovation such as new topsoil and grading. Slice seeding does not disturb the existing lawn areas and is often much more affordable than conventional renovation.

VEGETATION CONTROL: This process is used to completely destroy unwanted areas of wild vegetation such as border areas of heavy grassy weeds or poison ivy infestations. You may consult your lawn care technician for the best approach to control such conditions.

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